Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peterkin interview, Beardhead product review pending

This morning, I spoke with Allan Peterkin -- if you read my earlier entries, you should know that I've developed a huge author-crush on him (he's a Canadian psychotherapist who wrote about the cultural history of beards...that combines my desire to be my mother with my desire to write something contemporary, yet academic; toss a facial-hair fixation into the mix, and I am helpless), so all objectivity is out the window.  After Spanish class tonight, I should have a break from my rent-paying busy-work to give it the structure it merits.  Expect insightful comments on: 

  • the cultural role of the beard in mainstream American society today;
  • how the beard's cultural position has evolved since 2004;
  • a new spin on the female equivalent of the beard
Also pending: a photo, and tactile review, of my Lumberjack beard hat.